Johan’s own shows

Van Der Walt's Fault

One Man's Story, One Family's HistoryAnd it's her-story too: we Van Der Walts are equal opportunity herstorians, ag, historians, I mean bliksem.We have been here for centuries hier op eie bodem, here on our own bottoms - settle, settle - and this is our story. My story. Your Story. No, well, actually, more my story... Read more »

Settle, Settle!

Some of you may not know but Johan van Walt is an award winner. He won the SAFTA (South African Film and TV award) for best supporting actor in a comedy series - Laugh Out Loud.And to celebrate, Johan van der Walt now appears in his own 90 min DVD - called Johan van der... Read more »

Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud was a 22 - part candid camera hoax programme commissioned by MNET and produced by Imani Media. It ran for 3 seasons on MNET prime time and Johan van der Walt hosted his own 3 min segment on this show in which he would speak with outlandish confidence and some passion about... Read more »